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Benefits of a Low Student-Teacher Ratio

We live in a time when for some business giants, education has turned up as a good medium to earn a fortune. In an attempt to maximize the annual turnover, most of the institutes’ management today don’t think twice to increase the intake capacity. But what is the saddest part here is the failure of […]

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Fear The Greatest Motivator

I never wanted to go to college, never thought I was smart enough. My father had different plans for me. He told me I was going. I wanted to take over the family business which was a bar. I mean after all in my senior year in high school I was taking classes like Chinese […]

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Parenting During Covid

The real victims and long term damage caused by governments decision to shut down the world is the children. The kids of today are the future adults who will run this world in another 10 or 20 years need help, and so I want to offer my experience and knowledge of decades of study and […]

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Three Important Parenting Lessons to Discuss With Kids

The famous Disney film raises tough questions about prejudice for parents and teachers to explore with children. It did meet these expectations. However, there was indeed more. As I watched, I wondered: Was this Disney film genuinely making a political commentary about bias, sexism, racism, and xenophobia? Did they actually try this? Related ProductsLoading products..

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